Project progress
About the Hangyin line / Project progress

Project progress

In 2016, Hanas Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Sinopec to ensure a stable gas supply to the project.
By the end of 2016, the completion of the feasibility study and approval process;
In February 2017, the project was formally started through the Yellow River project;

In March 2017, the project was started across the board;
On May 13, 2017, the project successfully crossed the Yellow River at a time, creating the largest diameter in the country, the fastest speed and the longest distance in one direction across the Yellow River.
In September 2017, Ningxia section basically through;
The project is expected to be completed in November 2017 and is being promoted in a fast and orderly manner in accordance with the project construction plan.
Crossing Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Rong-Wu Expressway, Sanxin Railway, Dong-U Railroad and 109 State Road have been basically completed.

March 25, affected by strong cold air, the temperature plunged in Ningxia, snow and swirling. The Hanas Hang...