Project Overview
About the Hangyin line / Project Overview

Project Overview

Hanas Hangjinqi to Yinchuan natural gas pipeline project is the focus of national development of natural gas 13th Five-Year Plan, but also Ningxia Autonomous Region, 13th Five-Year Development Plan of key projects.  The project utilizes Sinopec’s natural gas resources in Hangjinqi gas field in Inner Mongolia and supplies gas to Ningxia through Sinopec Hangjinqi centralized treatment station.  The first station of Hangjinqi line from the northeast to southwest along 109 National Road laying, via Mongolia Hangjinqi, Etuokeqi, Sanbeiyangchang, Dusitu River to the Ningxia Pingluo Taole Town, from east to west across the Yellow River after Xingqing District of Helan Town, by adjusting the center into the city gas pipeline network.

The total length of the line is about 282 km, of which about 91 km in Ningxia and 191 km in Inner Mongolia. A total of 3 stations (Hangjinqi first station, Sanbei sheep farm management station and Yinchuan control center) and 11 valve rooms (Including 7 in Inner Mongolia and 4 in Ningxia). Once along the Yellow River, the main tributaries of the Yellow River are once thought the river, the highway 3 times, the State Road 2 times, the trunk railway 2 times, the size of the channel more than 200 times.  Line design pressure of 6.3 MPa, with a diameter of 711 mm straight seam pipe and spiral submerged arc welded steel, feasibility study investment 1.65 billion yuan.  The project has been started in 2017, and strive to put into operation by the end of 2017.

On February 22, 2017, Hanas Hangjinqi to Yinchuan Natural Gas Pipeline Project crossed the Yellow River and started...